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Gail Turner


  About the artist

Gail Turner Examples of pottery by Gail Turner
From $ 78.00 to $ 150.00
Gail Turner  
Gail Turner  
Gail Turner  
Gail Turner  
Gail Turner  
Gail Turner  
Gail Turner  
Gail Turner  

“The study of Interior Design taught me that I did not want to design objects and spaces that someone else would make but rather that I wanted to design and make the object myself. I wanted to be in control of the whole process. The reality of working with clay is that there are limitations imposed by the nature of the material itself. When it comes to the glaze firing you must let go of more of this control and allow the fire process to be the final decorator. Hence there is a constant need to study, explore, and play with how to set up all the variables that will then be the catalyst for the final glaze effects. The result is often a surprise and a source or inspiration for new exploration.

The majority of my work is functional; made with care and attention to detail in hopes that the recipient of the pottery piece will incorporate it into a part of their everyday life and routines. Objects that are for use in the preparation of food are explored with an eye on the part that function plays in designing a form. I am an explorer of patterns, which comes through in my diverse methods of creating textures and glaze rhythms. My original influences are from time spent practicing the batik process and decorating Ukrainian eggs. Currently my influences may be from a mud cloth wall hanging from the Congo to the pattern of the bark on a pine tree glimpsed during my morning walk. I never tire of the myriad possibilities inherent in clay and the learning curve is infinite.

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